6 Bad and Silly Reasons Newbie Bloggers Fail


One thing that most of us don’t want at all is to Fail.

Rather, we want other way round—Fame and Money. We want to become the next to buy a Massion at Banana Island just like Linda Ikeji did. We want to become the next Syed Balkhi, or the next Harsh Agarwal. With so many dreams and expectations, why only a few of bloggers get to the top? Why most of the bloggers withdraw from blogging with months (and even weeks)?

The reason is—failure. Because they fail in one way or the other, they stopped following up their dreams. Does it mean successful ones do not make mistakes?

No, they do. But, the only difference is that they learn from their mistakes, because to make a mistake is not actually a mistake, but is a mistake when you repeat it. Whereas, newbie bloggers now-a-days are simply leaving blogging when they see no progress (traffic and monetary).

The aim of this article is to let all the newbie bloggers know all the silliest and worst reasons, why most of the newbies fail at blogging and how they can avoid this to be successful.

Fast Results

Parents, teachers, moral-books some NGOs and even government have been saying it out—there’s no way to get rich quickly. But, who cares? I bet if you are a blogger and reading this, you can’t deny the fact that you are into blogging only because of money.

There’s absolutely no fault at it, many successful bloggers got into blogging only for the sake of money. Even I did it too (though I’m yet to get to that summit!). But if you are into blogging for getting rich quickly, then probably you are destined to fail. Wondering why?

Because, blogging will not give you fast results. Though, successful bloggers were into this for the sake of money, but they didn’t thought that they would make money quickly. Take Linda Ikeji of Banana Island for example, she started blogging since 2006, but started really making it as of early 2012. That is patience, consistency and determination.

You see, blogging is much like entrepreneurship. You start with a blog with little or no capital. With the help of SEO, Social Media, Back-linking and many other processes, and set off building a popular and successful blog. Building a company is quite similar to building a blog, except having a capital. But, in many cases, successful companies have come out of no capital as well.

If you want to be an entrepreneur in future, blogging would give you the first taste of it.

Back to the post; blogging does pays well. Given, you work hard with determination and you are patient. There are over 1+ million blogs (and counting). If you go the right way, follow the right rules, you would indeed get to the top. But, it takes time.

Even, our very own Microsoft, Facebook and others took years to become popular. But once, they did, there was no looking back.

Spoiler- If you are one of the impatient ones, blogging might be tough for you.

No Knowledge-base to Start From

Well, if you don’t have a well-settled base, how you ought to make a strong future on it?

Blogging is all about learning and sharing it with others. Though there has been numerous number of technology and blogging blogs, it doesn’t matter than you go with either of them. Blog about your interest.

Even if your interest isn’t much popular in the internet world, go for it. Who knows, that you would be an authority in that field? Who knows what lies in future?

Blogging niche wasn’t a very popular back in 2002. Even though, Syed Balkhi started a blog on blogging (WordPress to be precise) niche and now you can see the result– he is one of top authority figures in blogging. Even, if you choose a non-popular niche, there might be chances that it goes popular in future. And at that time, you might be enjoying a same position what Syed Balkhi is enjoying now!

Lack of Time

The time factor has hunted every blogger in its course. Even, professional bloggers too!

I admit that there’s lack of time for it, but much depends on how you optimize it.

I have seen many bloggers ending up in Social Media, in the name of blogging. Use social media only for promotion not for recreation purposes.

Also, make sure that you choose the right timings, as in many cases, we devote time at night; but due to tiredness and fatigue we end up sleeping.

So make a good schedule, follow it, and do productive work in that time.

No Strategy

Most of the successful blogs and bloggers have some strategy associated with them. Big companies have project leaders and managers. For they have big plans, to execute it you need a team.  In blogging, you don’t have any project leaders or managers, you are the CEO and project leader. You have to manage everything.

Most of the bloggers don’t have a strategy and what to achieve. They just don’t know where they are going.

First, in a black page, write out your top 3 priorities. Then make a plan to ‘make it happen’.

Lack of Writing Skills

As I aforementioned, blogging is all about content. Even if you have got heck load of knowledge in any particular subject, if you can’t express it well, be sure to get ‘FAIL’.  Content comes first, everything else second. Even if you post articles at a great frequency, say 10-12 week, without quality it’s getting in-vain.

Hard work is good, but smart work is better.

Getting good writing skills is not a one-day process. You learn from your mistakes. Sometimes, it takes years to get good writing. Even years after that, you would get good writing skills, one can’t assure you of the best writing skills.

Also, try to read content from other bloggers such as Harsh Agarwal and Syed Balkhi. They are considered one of the fine bloggers for their writings. Try to read it as much as you can, you would develop a lot in that way.

No or Poor Consistency

Every task you do needs consistency. Inconsistency many times leads to bad results. You forget your skills a bit, which will affect your writing and blog. By consistency, you ensure a continuous flow of content which is good for your readers, as they would want to read more and more.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’—you might have gone through this phrase for years. This might help you to get better and fluent writings too!

Do you make same mistakes? Do let me know in comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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