About Us

FraNKAPPTech, founded in 2015 by FraNK UMEADI (also the CEO/Founder, FraNKAPP Systems), is a dynamic, innovative and result-driven information and communication technology blog that uses a proven economic framework to analyze and offer insight into news stories about changes in technology.

FraNKAPPTech.com with its social networking features and community forums provides IT Professionals a unique online meeting place to keep up to date on tech news, share knowledge and experiences with peers, collaborate in solving IT issues, improve skills with training and educational resources, and most of all, exchange tools, tips and advice to help each other in their jobs. FraNKAPPTech offers career and workplace insight for newbies coming into the field, as well as tenured IT workers needing real-time answers to daily challenges. FraNKAPPTech helps IT Professionals boost their skills, network with colleagues, find that next new job and expand their Professional development by providing all the resources needed to succeed in the demanding world of IT.

The dynamic and interactive community of FraNKAPPTech readers often like, share and comment on the engaging and addictive quality of the content on the site, a feeling supported by the blog's good number of visitors.

Technology no longer just supports the business, it's at the very center of business innovation and strategy.

FraNKAPPTech comes in to play a role.

...excellence delivered!