How To Create High Quality Content Faster – 6 KILLER Secrets

Everybody struggle with this very issue especially when you are just starting. When I started blogging and I had to write high quality content for my readers, it took me 2 to 3 days to get out one good article.

So totally I know how it feels even to this day I am still looking for more ways to create high quality content faster. The truth is that creating high quality content does take some time but the good news is I have got 6 great strategies to create high quality content faster, just for you.

Content Is King

  1. Flip your script

If you want to change anything in your life, firstly you have to take a look at your internal script. Meaning, what are you saying to yourself? What is the story you are telling yourself about the things you want to change? For example, if you are telling yourself am a really slow writer and it will take me forever to write my newsletter. Guess what? You will be a really slow writer and it will take you forever to write for your newsletters. So my advice is to have positive thought that you will become a fast writer to create high quality content faster

2. Begin with the end in mind

Thinking about what your end result is going to be is exactly what you want your readers to walk away with or what action if any do you want them to take. So you have to reverse your content to get them there. E.g. Before I started writing this content, I asked myself what do I want you my readers to walk away with after reading this article and my answer to myself is High Actionable list of things that will help you create high quality content faster and an article you have to share with your friends.

3. Keep a top of list

I know you waste lot of time to figure out what you should write about in the first place but I have a solution. Keep a running top of list of all your ideas. E.g. if you get inspired by articles, teachings, magazines, movies or questions people ask you all the time write those  ideas down making use of note book or mobile to help you with your list anywhere you find yourself. Another handy tool is Evernote

4. Make it short and sweet

Remember, high quality content does not mean long article because I know that’s what most of us think about high quality content. Sometimes the best way to serve your audience is to make it short and sweet.

5. Plan it out

Create an editorial calendar for your content which is all about planning for your next article in the next 2 or 3 months. This takes the decision now about what you want to write about each week. An editorial calendar plans everything out. You just have to go to your plan and you are done and also when writing down your content you don’t have to wonder about adding this or that. Just go to your editorial calendar and you are done.

6. Don’t write and edit at the same time

Get everything out and don’t edit as you go because it will slow you down. If you are writing and you think of a better way to replace something don’t delete what you just wrote, just stop and write the sentence a new way and keep going. This brings you up to make it better the first time which allows you to get everything out. Editing is usually much faster process when you have lot content on the page.

If you have any strategies on how to create high quality content faster, comment below I will love to read it.

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I’m Samuel Igwe, founder of LoudTips blog. I love writing and sharing experiences about blogging tips, startups, entrepreneurship, growing business, web development, Make money online and life hack. Educated at the polytechnic of Ogun state institute of Technology, where he bags a Degree of National diploma in Business administration and Cisco. Presently a post graduate student at the same polytechnic for higher national diploma.

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