How Google Allo Stands Out from Other Chat Apps being ‘Smart’?

Google Allo

Recently Google launched its new messaging app Allo at its I/O conference. The app comes with some smart features which was never seen before in any app, while combining altered unique features of many trend setting mobile apps. Let’s see some top features of Allo that differ it from already top performing players in the field.

The @google Assistant

Google’s virtual assistant can help you get the content of various types from the internet like videos from YouTube, and flight information directly from Google search engine. For example, you can ask @google what are the best flight deals for us to go New York today from London? Immediately, you can get the listings that include the time taken for journey and fare. The same can apply for nearby restaurants, hotels and other businesses. You can also ask @google “can you play us Bon Iver’s latest YouTube video?” immediately you will be able to see the video. Very smart, right?

Automatic responses

The app suggests auto responses as a smart app feature which saves time that users need to think. As Google said, the software that powers auto responses becomes smarter with the conversations. If you frequently use ‘haha’ or ‘lol’, the software monitors it, help you accordingly with those kind of words during the conversations.

Image recognition:

Allo leverages Google’s image recognition software for smart reply. It means the app can recognize the received image and help to express the feeling on the image. For example, if you receive the image of a cute cat, the app can suggest you replies like ‘adorable’, ‘so cute’.

Whisper or shout a message:

This is very interesting. In other apps, the font size you use in the app will be same throughout the conversation, but Allo rocks here. If you want to whisper the things, you can send it in small font, or if you want to tell loudly, you can send it in large font. This you can do by holding and pressing send button, to increase or decrease the size of the text. This shows how Google understands the human nature.

Incognito Chat: 

All we know Incognito Window in Google Chrome, now it’s time for Incognito chat. It is a self-destructing message feature, and any chat in incognito mode will not be stored permanently in server. Users can set timer for the message and once the time reached, the message destructs itself and will be nowhere available for anybody, even for Allo. It is the not the first of its kind, before many mobile app development companies developed this kind of apps following Snapchat and Telegram. But this facility in incognito window is first of its kind.

Free SMS:

In WhatsApp and other similar messaging apps, if you want to send messages to people, you have to make sure they have WhatsApp installed. But with the Allo, you no need to think about. You can send Allo messages to users even though they don’t have the app installed. How this works? When you’re in the contact list in Allo, you can view all your phone contacts like in WhatsApp, but what is special is you can send them message, while sending it will prompt your message will be sent via text message. Once sending, the receiver will receive an SMS message from a 5-digit number, as it is common with text message alerts from automated systems. This message will notify him that you (by name and phone number) are trying to chat with him via Allo. There will also be a link to the app’s download page in the Google Play Store. This is Google’s a clever wat to drive people toward the app.

We can say there is no such app currently including WhatsApp have this kind of matured and smart features.


Google Allo has just started its journey with an agenda of being smart. Other platforms are heading towards smarter messaging, particularly Apple introducing third party apps for iMessage and Facebook unveiling bots for Messenger. But Google has taken a step forward with full focus on multiple smart features. Let’s see how long the journey will be and how successful it will be. To download Google Allo, click on the button below. Download Button

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