How To Easily Transfer Large Files Between Windows, Android And iOS – No Flash Drive/SDCard

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In this guide, am going to show you how to easily transfer large files between your PC and another PC, Android to PC, PC to iPhone etc without the need for any USB drive, SD Card, CD-ROM at an optimum speed. You can now send files in seconds, from 1mb to 100gb without any hassle of USB connections, data connection and so on.

With SHAREit, you can do this.

SHAREit is a free application from Lenovo that lets you easily share files and folders among smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.


SHAREit allows you to send content including files, photos, video and documents, at lightning fast speed. SHAREit works on all Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

Some features of the software include:

  • SHAREit is available for any Windows, Android, or iOS device.
  • You can share files from an Android phone to a Windows tablet, from a Windows notebook to an iPad, etc.
  • You don’t need cables, bluetooth, or an active Wi-Fi network nearby to connect to other devices. You can simply connect using your device’s Wi-Fi radio. This avoids any network charges.
  • It is about 40 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • There is no limit on the size of a file you can share, but very large files will take longer to share.
  • You can send almost any type of file including documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.
  • You can share a whole folder at a time.

Installing SHAREit

>>For PC users, download the software here. After download, install it on your PC. See How To Install A Program On Windows

>>For Android users, install the application from Google Playstore using this link or download it from our resource using this direct link

>>For iOS users, get it on App Store using this link

>>For Windows Phone users, get it on Windows Phone store using this link

How To Transfer Files (E.g. Android To PC)

  1. With your android device, from the apps menu, tap on SHAREit icon to launch the app.
  2. Screenshot_2015-12-15-13-40-34
  3. After the splash screen that appeared, the next screen you will see is the main screen where you can send or receive files. Tap “Send” to choose your files.
  4. Shareit
  5. After that, you will be served a screen to select the files that you want to send. Select your file and tap “Next”. As for me, I selected my graduation day video.
  6. Shareit
  7. Now launch SHAREit on your PC, accept every terms and conditions if prompted, click on “Receive” from the main screen that appeared. Now, your PC is waiting for connection from another device.
  8. Shareit
  9. From your Android device, select your preferred destination. i.e, the device you want to send the files to. From my end, I chose FraNKAPP
  10. Shareit
  11. Within some seconds, your file will be transferred.
  12. Shareit
  13. Wow. You have done it.
  14. To locate your transferred file, open your downloads folder, look for Shareit folder and open it. Now open the subsequent that you see inside as this varies depending on the type of files you have transferred. From my end, I will select and open the video folder because I just transferred a video over. Note: This location is the default, you can always change this location by clicking on the program’s Menu Icon and then click “Settings”.
  15. Shareit

As you can see from the screenshot above, a 103 MB file was transferred within 44 sec.  Is mind blowing indeed. You can also follow the same steps vice-versa to transfer files from PC to your smart phone and also between your PC and another. This is the method I have been using and I must confess, it has reduced my file transfer time. It has also increased and improved my explore experience.

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