Read The Inspiring Life Story Of FraNK UMEADI As He Celebrates His Birthday


With a heart full of joy and gladness, I wish myself a happy birthday!

I thank the Almighty God for enabling me witness this day. It’s not because of my power or might but because of the love HE has for me. I say may all adoration, exaltation, glory and honour be ascribed unto His holy name. Amen!

Indeed how time flies. It’s a wonderful transformation that took place with the speed of light. So, I want to seize this opportunity to save the world a detailed report of some parts of my life.

It is quite a long report but I believe it’s adorable, courageous, inspiring, educative and motivational. If you are ready, then I am ready. So, do get a cup of coffee and be chilling as we roll down.


Two days are most important in a man’s life. The day you were born and the day you discovered why

As aforementioned, my name is FraNK SOMTOO UMEADI. I am a native of Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria. I was born on May 23rd, 1993 in the family of three boys, no girl and I am the last born. I attended High School at St. Mary’s High School, Ifitedunu and graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state, in the department of Science Education (Computer Option).

I am the proud CEO of FraNKAPPWeb Technologies. I am a Tech Blogger / Owner of I am also an internet marketer and a programmer who writes in PHP, Java, C# etc. I am popularly known as FraNKAPP and you may be wondering why they call me that name right? Then continue reading.


Don’t give in much time talking in order to impress or correct your mistakes, rather let your actions, results and achievements do the talking for you” – FraNK UMEADI

You want to know why? Read my story.

It started on the 11th day of November 2011 which was the day Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka did her matriculation. Earlier to this date, I wrote the school’s screening test otherwise known as POST-UTME, but I was not lucky to be listed as one of those admitted. On that day, the noise and feeling of the matriculation was all over everywhere especially on Facebook. I was totally in a red world while I was in my village reading updates. But then, My Mother! My Mother!! My Mother!!! She came to me saying; son, go and pray, you will secure the admission. Hmm, in my mind, mom, any hope? I went ahead to pray, after the prayers I checked my   admission status on that same matric day, Oops the reply was bad. It read “Sorry no admission given yet, admission process is still   in progress”. I   almost  plucked out my pupil with tears, but then My Mother! My Mother!! My Mother!!! May God continue to bless her for me. She came consoling me and told me to go back and pray more that there is hope. This time, I prayed with high hope and trust in God.

I   slept off   that day and on waking up the next day, the first thing I did was to check my admission   status. Oh   My, Oh My World, after entering my REG NO and click check admission status, viola a congratulatory message engulfed above-the-fold of my phone screen. It read…

“Congratulations Umeadi FraNK Somtoo, you have been awarded a four year provisional admission into the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka to study bla, bla, bla …”.

On seeing this I acted Archimedes, I started shouting Eureka, Eureka, Eureka, the whole village was dazed, I mean dazed.

But as you may know, that was just the beginning. The real deal started when I resumed school. As many others could have done, I resumed the next day, using the first week to do all necessary registrations, clearance and settling down.

Awsh! I was a new comer, everyone has already gone far in school, knowing the lecturers, course mates, getting the time table and others, but one thing is for sure, “The end justifies the means”. One of our top artist in Nigeria here, Flavour Nabania said in Igbo, “Nwoke je cha, o chere ibe ya (when a man gets there, he will wait for others)”. Nobody knew I was going to be the next campus big thing.

Sometimes I will be in class on low key observing and trying to know the good ones to anchor with. They were all behaving as if they are the pioneers of the school. I could remember when I first tried to talk to Favour Iwueze (Joy, Joy, Joy, Destiny Kids), oh my world; her reply was “I am coming”. Just like that she left .Thank God my senses were at the right order; I did not feel it much. After this incident, I said to myself, don’t give in much time talking in order to impress, make friends or even to correct a mistake, rather let my actions, results and achievements do the talking for me.

Then I went home and started to up my game and my skills towards my academics which were what brought me to school.

I knew that that very good day will come and the day came indeed. One of our lecturers gave us an important assignment that requires one’s skill and understanding in the field of application development (Programming). We were asked to write a computer program. Thanks to the knowledge I acquired at Successpoint Computer College Abagana, owned by Engr. Raphael Nweze. I used that knowledge to write the computer program like a professional. In the class, the lecturer demanded for the program. Low and behold, I was the only person that did it and not just doing it, but like a professional. The class stood still as the lecturer introduced me as the campus next big thing. He told the class that my name is FraNK and I can design/develop Apps more like a professional. Oh my world, I was already in blue world. The smiles and joy in me could not be compared. At that juncture, he gave me my complete 30 marks and told others to emulate, reference and consult me for guide.

Oh! I fainted in joy. I was wondering how I will face the class after the lecture. Eventually the class ended and wonders began to happen. I began to hear many names. Some came congratulating me as they call me different names like FraNK the App Master, FraNKAPP, FraNKAPPs, FraNK Application, FraNK the App Developer, FraNK Softwares, FraNK Programming. Oh! I can’t laugh and smile more. It was a day of joy. I left for home and on returning to school the next day, my popular name became FraNKAPP!

Do you know what happened after this incident?

That same girl Favour Iwueze that did not give me listening ear then called me on phone that she would like to see me. Hmm! How did she get my number? This time, I won’t feel so cheap; I had to hype my schedule to show am now important. I replied, call me tomorrow am in a meeting, Oh, since then, if anybody wants to see me, he or she will book a date one week before the date,

This joyful beginning did not end there; it was just a platform to my successful life. I thank the LORD!


The word ABILITY most times comes last. When you have the INTEREST and DETERMINATION, you will be ABLE to achieve your desires”- FraNK UMEADI

You want to know why? Read my story.


It was around July, 2014, when I had to traveled to Lagos for a three months IT after successfully completing a three months Teaching Practice Program.

After three days, I started looking for a slot in a well-established ICT firm. I made 20 copies of my application letter. Believe me, on the first day, I trekked from Bode Thomas, Surulere to Lawanson all because I was looking for a better place where I will not just come and stay but to come and impact while being paid well. After the first day, I almost finished sharing the applications.

Though most of the ICT firms were telling me that they already have enough IT students but some gave me hope that they will call me soon. I took the hope gladly. On the second day, I used bicycle in order to reduce stress of trekking and also save cost of transportation. I rode a bicycle to many other ICT firms and I was able to submit more applications. After the first two days, I was gladly waiting in anticipation for many calls but the opposite was the case. None of the so called ICT firm called me. Oh, I felt like going back to Awka, Anambra state overnight. But then my mind said relax, go on and pray, then sleep. Oh, should I call my mother again! Yes, I will. She called me on phone that same day and said, baby just pray and it will be fine. Without much ado, I went ahead to launch a superb prayer session.

After my prayers, I slept off and there came a dream or rather trance, In fact, I don’t really know what happened. The dream taught me so many things. The dream said I have to spend to get what I want. Continue reading, you will understand why. The dream said to me that, don’t you know that when you trek or ride a bicycle to the place of work, you will be weak and unkempt? In my mind oh yes! It said again, don’t you know when you dress casually, you will be less important? Oh my world, yes! It said wake up and act.

After this dream, I only said thank you JESUS.

Immediately, I used the little money I had on me to enter market and get a very sharp packet shirt in preparation for the next day.

On the following day, this time no more polo, no more trekking, no more riding of bicycle, ratter I launched my sharp packet shirt, well ironed and properly tucked in a dazzling trouser. I flaunt a bike straight to the first ICT firm that I submitted my application. On getting there, the receptionist that met me earlier could not recognise me again. Unlike the first day, what she was saying is Good morning sir! Sir please have a seat. You are welcome sir. Oh, my heart was already rejoicing because my new method is working out. This time, I did not want to tell her why I was there.

I acted as a big client that has a contract to offer. Immediately I sat down, I requested that I may see the CEO. Unhesitatingly, she called him on phone telling him that Mr FraNK UMEADI wants to see him. In my mind, I said, this is what I want. Then the CEO said that I should come inside his office.

Immediately I Stood up, the receptionist rushed and opened the door for me as I walked in with 100% glamour, exuding my face and body. I greeted and shook hands with him to boost my confidence the more. You may have a seat he said. The next thing was; what’s your name and how may I help you sir? He asked me. On receiving this question, I remembered what my mother told me. May God continue to bless this woman. She said if I go to any place and they ask me what I want, I should hit the nail on the head and say what I want, that if I have the chance I will be given the opportunity, but if I have the chance and I was playing round the bush, the person will take me as a dubious person on arrival, then my chances will be gone. After remembering this, I went ahead to tell the man that “my name is FraNK UMEADI. I am a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I was supposed to do a three month IT and I have come across your establishment, after a thorough review, I concluded that your establishment will be the perfect place for me to continue gaining more experience as I add more value to your establishment”. Wow! I’m amazed, the man yelled. What are your skills? He asked. I started to list them all ranging from writing with PHP, Java etc. The next question was, have you ever developed a desktop App for sending Bulk SMS? This was the most challenging question but I answered with caution. I said no sir, but I have the skills to develop such Apps especially when I have a friend called Google.

As fast as it was, the man said stop, resume work tomorrow and if you do well I will pay you N40K monthly. I did not feel too excited so as not to give him the impression that I needed the money more. Though in my heart, life just started meeen. I knew fully well that I have not developed that kind of App before and with the knowledge I had then I will not be able to do it. But then like I always say the word ABILITY most times comes last, the most important thing is INTEREST and DETERMINATION. Once you are interested and you are determined, you will not know where the ability will fly in from. With my interest and determination and also most importantly with the help of Google search engine, as well as that of Mr. Raji Philips of Zeroes and Ones technologies, I was able to develop the App within a month and their (Dalcoms Technologies, where I did my IT) clients started using it from day one after launching.

This is how I enjoyed my three months in the firm with my pay very much intact. It was on the day that I was given a goodbye wish from the company that the receptionist came telling me that she was very sorry. I should forgive her that she intentionally did not want to forward my earlier application to the CEO that she felt that there was no more opportunity in the firm that the only one that could come out will be at the expense of one of the staff. She was sorry.

After listening to her I said “My God is alive (in Igbo, chim mu anya)”.


The ladder of SUCCESS works like any other ladder in life. Only very few climbed with their hands on their pocket

I believe the word blog or blogging is no longer new to our ears. A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discreet entries (‘posts’) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)- Wikipedia.

For a better understanding blog can be a site where one can easily publish articles using any of the content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla!, Blogger, etc. Some of these blogs include;, and etc. Then the act of publishing articles otherwise known as posts to these blogs is called Blogging.

Now back to business…

Why I started Blogging

I did not launch a blog because Linda Ikegi bought a mansion. I did not start a blog because I want to make money fast through blogging. I did not start a blog because my friend has one. I did not start a blog just because I want to start it. But I launched a blog because something motivated me; something gave me the insight; something encouraged me; and something inspired me. You want to know what? Then get another cup of coffee and be chilling as we continue to roll down.

As you already know I am the geek, tech, app, software, web and the ICT guy. So on this day, 1stOctober 2015, I was in the football field playing (if you don’t know, I am the real CR7) and one of my friends came to disturb me only for him to ask me how he could set his smart phone to be using the 3G network. Gush, I felt like using that his phone as a football to practice the new skills I learnt in the pitch. Later I helped him to do that but as I was doing that, I was already thinking of how to prevent such from happening again and also how to provide answers to these questions for everyone without having to answer them one after the other. Yes, that was how I remembered and said to myself, why not launch a blog?

Immediately I got this insight, I started planning on it (INTEREST).

How I started a blog

I made many researches; used Google like it was my mother and also met many individuals. Many passed their vote of confidence that I should keep waxing on my wonderful thought. The next thing I asked myself was, which niche (as they called it) should I opt for? Without hesitation, tech all the way because it runs in my veins (ABILITY). After this decision, I gave myself a complete 1 month to wonderfully design and develop FraNKAPPTech. I withdrew myself from all earthly matters including chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook etc (DETERMINATION). I did this because I knew what I wanted to achieve within a specific time. I staid indoor for good 3-4 weeks developing the blog.

Now the blog came live! It was launched on the 11th day of November 2015. That day was like a second birthday to me. I started receiving a lot of commendations and congratulations. Many said, wonderful work, but as you may know, not all will be happy about this. So they came fighting me, first by hacking my blog and also using the detail gotten from the loop hole to also hack my Gmail account. Most of you read the story at 5 things you must stop doing to improve your social media security. It was really a bad experience but the Almighty God was involved. Thanks to God, thanks to Google and also thanks to the most creative, innovative, dynamic and result-driven ICT guru, Amobi Chuks who also played a key role in bringing the issue to calm. Indeed experience is the best teacher because I learnt a lot throughout the downtime and I keep balling.

How blogging has impacted positively to my life

Right from day one and at the time of arrival, FraNKAPPTech was already a hit. I became a celebrity overnight. I became a coach overnight. I became a consultant overnight. I became a real boss overnight. I got thousands of fans overnight. Countless I must say.

To the free browsing tips bloggers and also the tech bloggers, you know that feeling when you receive hundred calls from fans whenever there is a new cheat or when fans want to know the latest? Seriously, that feeling is worthwhile. Some will be like boss, please what is the latest? I will be like, visit FraNKAPPTech.

Since I launched my blog, every night that I visit Facebook, I always get friend requests not less than 20 persons and also lots of messages from fellow bloggers and friends trying to hook up. That is a wonderful feeling I must say.

I made more influential friends especially other top bloggers. It did not end there; it started flowing in more and more. As long as the name FraNKAPPTech exists and get older, more blessings and wonderful feelings come.

Because of my brand FraNKAPPTech, I was able to secure a job as one of the facilitators for MTN. How did it happen? On the 9th day of February 2016, I was called on phone by my old time geek friend; his name is Emmanuel Anumili. He worked for Etisalat and now working for MTN. On the phone he said “Bro long time, I use to see your updates and how you help the common men solve problems at FraNKAPPTech. I want to offer you a little opportunity in order to explore and expand more”. I wasted no time in responding positively.


Though it was a street work but I always tell people that “It is better to be in the street making money than to be online making just name. Come to the street if the web is not favouring you”. Yes you heard me right, money is in the streets, a large sum indeed. Throw away pride. Don’t think of what the world will say when they see you in the street. Allow them to talk and let your bank account be smiling. With the MTN facilitating work, I was able to kick start my major project which is on-going and will be launched ASAP.

Did it end here? No! It continued, more blessings keep rolling in. The Lord is good, all the time.

On this day, 1st of May 2016, I received a call while I was pouncing on Sunday rice prepared by my sweet mother. Read the conversation between me and the caller below:

Caller: Hello! Good afternoon sir! Am I speaking with FraNK UMEADI, owner of

Me: Yes sir. Good afternoon! How may I help you sir?

Caller: Anyway, from what I have been seeing online, it occurs to me that you are a web developer.

Me: Without hesitation, yes sir.

Caller: I have a contract for you to come and guide a two weeks seminar on the topic web design at Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria. Can you meet me at Marble Arch Hotel, Awka to discuss more?

Me: Alright

Though initially I was frightened on how I will go meet with him in the hotel, but I took the risk with caution. Tech guys are always smart you know.

So this is how I got this deal which included my executive bedroom hotel accommodation for two weeks (you know that feeling), my balanced diet feeding for two weeks, my transport allowance to and fro and also the most important , my handsome payment. It was all about enjoyment throughout my stay there. All thanks to God and also FraNKAPPTech.

It continued and never seemed to stop any day. “I might not be rich as I wanted to be but I am no longer poor the way I used to be”.


They said think outside the box, but I must tell you, there is no box” –FraNK UMEADI.

Want to know why? Then refill your cup of coffee as we continue to roll down.

One of my greatest achievements in life is that I have not written any exam twice since I was born. I passed all my exams on first attempt. Glory is to His name. Amen!

Some of my Awards/Recognition/Achievements include but not limited to:

  1. Always took the first position in primary and senior secondary schools.
  2. Was the library prefect in college level.
  3. Was the captain of JETS club in college.
  4. Constructed a helicopter that lifted up from the ground but could not move forward.
  5. Was always featured on the news of NTA and ABS then when I was doing technical constructions.
  6. I was the Personal Assistant to the Director, Successpoint Computer College, Abagana. Year 2010/2011.
  7. Was the leader and no. 1 resource for my course mates during school time.
  8. Was made the ICT coordinator, Girls secondary school, Awka, which was where I did my Teaching practice. Year 2014.
  9. Was recognized as the best learner at Dalcoms Technologies, Surulere, Lagos, where I did my IT .Year 2014.
  10. I travelled with Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah (Capital Oil) in his private jet. Year 2014.
  11. Was employed as the computer tutor at MasterPlus Computer Training Institute, Awka. Year 2015.
  12. Registered my business name FraNKAPPWeb Technologies. Year 2015.
  13. Graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Year 2015
  14. Designed and launched my blog, FraNKAPPTech. Year 2015.
  15. I kept on excelling since then.

Praise is to God Almighty.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” -Benjamin Franklin

Here is my personal advice to job seekers:

  1. Create your opportunity: Don’t just sit around waiting for your “dream job” to open. Study the industry or field that you are looking to move into, and determine a company or two that you would like to work for, Hockett says. “Then figure out their challenges through relationships or public information. With this, you can share directly or publicly through a blog, for instance. The concept here is to get noticed through offering a solution to help them with no expectation of anything in return”.
  2. Apply! Apply!! Apply!!!: Go out there to the offline world. Submit your CV as well as application letter to many firms related to your interest. If you submitted about 30 copies for instance, there is no way 10 will not call you for interview unlike when you sit at home hoping for magic.
  3. Be Honest: When you get to the interview or workplace, be very honest on arrival. Tell the hiring manager what you want, if you have the opportunity, you will land the job but if you had the opportunity and you were being dubious in the eyes of the hiring manager, damn it, your case is closed.
  4. When you visit any firm, try as much as possible to meet with the MD. If your coming only ends at the receptionist desk, your case is closed.
  5. When you seek for job and no one secured yet, don’t depend on those jobs. Look out on the streets. Like I always say, it is better to be in the streets making money than to be online making just name; come to the street if the web is not favouring you. Money is in the street. Look for something to be doing in the street that every night you count your money and keep. Think it, grab it! Forget about what the world will say. Let them talk and let your bank account smile always.


Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

Here is my personal advice to my fellow bloggers out there.

  1. Don’t give up: Bloggers who stick with it ultimately win.
  2. Write as often as possible: Constantly capture ideas and turn them into posts. A tool that may help is Evernote.
  3. Expect critics: A few people hating you is a sign you’re doing something right. Be prepared.
  4. Be original: Being original and not the copy-cat blogger gives you more edge as you will be definitely respected in the field and you will become a role model to other bloggers.
  5. Find ways to regularly get inspired: This is the only way you can inspire others. When you’re empty, fill yourself up. Don’t neglect this.
  6. Realize you can only create or react: At any given time, make sure you know which one you’re doing.


The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness” – Dalai Lama

I believe a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t have come this far if not for the support, guide, and prayers of some people in my life.

So I want to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who have impacted positively in my life.

  • The Almighty God: First, I thank the Almighty God for His mercy, grace, wisdom, understanding and love He showered on me till this stage of my life.
  • My Parents: I appreciate my wonderful parents Mr. Paul Umeadi & Mrs. Justina Umeadi for their prayers, love support and training they gave to me right from birth till now.
  • My Siblings: I appreciate my dearest siblings Mr. Chukwuma Christian Umeadi and Wife Mrs. Ebele Umeadi, and also Bro. Chukwumezie Kingsley Umeadi for their brotherly love, advice and support.
  • Friday Nwankwo Kujah (Soccer Ambassador): I really appreciate the one and only FIFA Player Licenced Agent. He is the brain behind my entering of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah’s private jet. He gave me opportunities to see life. I came to Lagos the first time was because of him. I travelled to Cotonou the first time was because of him. I got the opportunity to meet with influential people like 2Face Idibia, Osita Iheme (Paw Paw), Mikel Obi, Emmanuel Emenike, Stephen Keshi, Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, name them, yes I met them all. I was the one printing Visas for the players when is time for their travel. I also remember, I created a Gmail account for Osita Iheme (Paw Paw) and also thought him computer. I went to Julius Aghahowa’s house, Ifeanyi Ubah’s house, Jay Jay Okocha’s house, and all most all the footballers in Lagos. All these opportunities were because of him. Thank you sir
  • FraNK UMEADI and Osita Iheme
  • Emmanuel Anumili: I appreciate the CEO Apogee Systems. He gave me the opportunity to go and pick money from the streets. He offered me the MTN facilitator job. Does not end there, he has been impacting positively to my life. He always thinks and gives me insight to #MyFirstMillionYear. Thanks so much boss.
  • Amobi Chuks: I appreciate my boss. The owner of the giant brand ChuksGuide. He thought me the way. He helped me to combat my enemies when my blog was hacked. He made it a point of duty to like and comment on every reasonable post I made, with a stellar contribution. Thank you so much boss.
  • Samuel Igwe: As long as blogging is concerned, he is my best friend. He is my boss in the blogging world. The Pro blogger at LoudTips always made it a point of duty to share my posts. He gave me some insights to follow. Am yet to see someone else like him. Thank you so much boss.
  • Simeon Femstar Pearl-Worth: The way his name is sophisticated, that is how he is. He does his things in his own ways. He is the one that always serve me all the free browsing tips I post on FraNKAPPTech. He has all information technology seems to offer.
  • Jay Marshal Hendricks: He does everything with passion. He never rests until his goal is achieved. I admire him. He gave me the opportunity to join the OAK forum on WhatsApp where Only Accurate Knowledge is shared. There, I met many other top bloggers and entrepreneurs like Alexander Orah (The AutomatedBlogger), Okolie Anthony, and the rest. Thanks so much boss Jay.
  • Ebenezer Nwokeafor: My Oga himself. This is the only man that can come out and challenge Google that one of their methods is not right. He just knows all. If in any case you want to argue with him, bring out a long note book that you will use to jot down points. He always provide solutions to any problem or question. He has giving me lots of tricks. He rules the “Talented Bloggers” WhatsApp group.
  • Okoya Usman: I appreciate this young man for his enthusiasm towards helping the beginners. He is the owner of Mokoshalb. He gave me a lot of insights that brought me this far. Thanks boss
  • Nwankwo Cynthia Chinenye: The epitome beauty. She is a popular blogger at Cynthia9janet. She is also a fan of FraNKAPPTech. She has helped in so many ways to boost my brand. She was always there for me. Thanks dearie
  • Chibuzor Romanus Aririeri (Dr. Saint) and Okafor Osita Samuel (Code X): Oh this list cannot be complete without mentioning my real friends, brothers from different mothers, the unbreakable, indissoluble and inviolable trio. We started balling and waxing from day one in school. We read together, stay in the same row in exam hall, teach each other and help each other. I graduated with 4.x CGPA was because of them. Thank you so much friends!
  • FraNK UMEADI and Friends

Space and time will not allow me to continue, if not, the list is just endless. I really appreciate everyone here and others too numerous to mention. Less I forget, I appreciate FraNKAPPTechies, my fans. Sincerely I cannot thank enough. In fact, you are God sent. Love is truly the life we live.

Alone I smiled, but together we laughed. Alone I said, but together we talked. Alone I enjoyed, but together we celebrated. That’s the BEAUTY of human Relations. We are nothing without each other

May God continue to bless and reward you all greatly and abundantly in Jesus name. AMEN!

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Ad Multos Anos!

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FraNK UMEADI, FraNKAPP as he is fondly called, is the CEO, FraNKAPPWeb Technologies, an IT company aimed at delivering excellent services such as Bulk SMS, Web Application Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, and IT Training etc. He is a Professional Blogger (Founder / Owner of, System Analyst and Programmer that writes in PHP, Java, and C#. Phone: +2348066017971 , or +2349023819269. E-mail: ,

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  1. Always connected with your new posts for my inspiration and as a source for the fresh information.

  2. Jay-Marshal says:

    Wow, such an inspiring writeup! Keep the dreams high, Happy birthday to you and I wish you long life and prosperity…..

  3. Amobi Chuks says:

    At a time, tears of joy wanted to ooze. You brought so much time to tell about yourself, your mom, life experiences, recommendations and more.

    This has been one of the best. I wish you a grand happy birthday bro.

    You forgot to complete your stories on Joy Joy girl, do we wait till this time next year?

  4. samuel says:

    in God we trust Successs must Obey

  5. samuel says:

    wow your story is touching, am motivated and delighted, happy birthday bro success is coming on your way amen

  6. Chidi Nwobu says:

    Happy birthday bro. God is really using you to help the masses. You are indeed the App master. Can’t forget how you have coached me. Not to forget, the free browsing cheats.
    Chidi Nwobu recently posted…Buhari Cancels Two-Day Official Trip To Lagos Over “Ear Infection”My Profile

  7. Wow. This is what I call epic writing. Through the celebration of your birthday, you are showing the light to the world. You are indeed a genius. I really love all these your quotes especially the one that says “It’s better to be in the streets making money, than to be online making just name. Come to the street if the web is not favouring you”. I love this.

    Keep it up boss. I wish you a HAPPY Birthday FraNKAPP. Enjoy

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