The word ABILITY most times comes last. When you have the INTEREST and DETERMINATION, you will be ABLE to achieve your desires”- FraNK UMEADI

You want to know why? Read my story.


It was around July, 2014, when I had to traveled to Lagos for a three months IT after successfully completing a three months Teaching Practice Program.

After three days, I started looking for a slot in a well-established ICT firm. I made 20 copies of my application letter. Believe me, on the first day, I trekked from Bode Thomas, Surulere to Lawanson all because I was looking for a better place where I will not just come and stay but to come and impact while being paid well. After the first day, I almost finished sharing the applications.

Though most of the ICT firms were telling me that they already have enough IT students but some gave me hope that they will call me soon. I took the hope gladly. On the second day, I used bicycle in order to reduce stress of trekking and also save cost of transportation. I rode a bicycle to many other ICT firms and I was able to submit more applications. After the first two days, I was gladly waiting in anticipation for many calls but the opposite was the case. None of the so called ICT firm called me. Oh, I felt like going back to Awka, Anambra state overnight. But then my mind said relax, go on and pray, then sleep. Oh, should I call my mother again! Yes, I will. She called me on phone that same day and said, baby just pray and it will be fine. Without much ado, I went ahead to launch a superb prayer session.

After my prayers, I slept off and there came a dream or rather trance, In fact, I don’t really know what happened. The dream taught me so many things. The dream said I have to spend to get what I want. Continue reading, you will understand why. The dream said to me that, don’t you know that when you trek or ride a bicycle to the place of work, you will be weak and unkempt? In my mind oh yes! It said again, don’t you know when you dress casually, you will be less important? Oh my world, yes! It said wake up and act.

After this dream, I only said thank you JESUS.

Immediately, I used the little money I had on me to enter market and get a very sharp packet shirt in preparation for the next day.

On the following day, this time no more polo, no more trekking, no more riding of bicycle, ratter I launched my sharp packet shirt, well ironed and properly tucked in a dazzling trouser. I flaunt a bike straight to the first ICT firm that I submitted my application. On getting there, the receptionist that met me earlier could not recognise me again. Unlike the first day, what she was saying is Good morning sir! Sir please have a seat. You are welcome sir. Oh, my heart was already rejoicing because my new method is working out. This time, I did not want to tell her why I was there.

I acted as a big client that has a contract to offer. Immediately I sat down, I requested that I may see the CEO. Unhesitatingly, she called him on phone telling him that Mr FraNK UMEADI wants to see him. In my mind, I said, this is what I want. Then the CEO said that I should come inside his office.

Immediately I Stood up, the receptionist rushed and opened the door for me as I walked in with 100% glamour, exuding my face and body. I greeted and shook hands with him to boost my confidence the more. You may have a seat he said. The next thing was; what’s your name and how may I help you sir? He asked me. On receiving this question, I remembered what my mother told me. May God continue to bless this woman. She said if I go to any place and they ask me what I want, I should hit the nail on the head and say what I want, that if I have the chance I will be given the opportunity, but if I have the chance and I was playing round the bush, the person will take me as a dubious person on arrival, then my chances will be gone. After remembering this, I went ahead to tell the man that “my name is FraNK UMEADI. I am a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I was supposed to do a three month IT and I have come across your establishment, after a thorough review, I concluded that your establishment will be the perfect place for me to continue gaining more experience as I add more value to your establishment”. Wow! I’m amazed, the man yelled. What are your skills? He asked. I started to list them all ranging from writing with PHP, Java etc. The next question was, have you ever developed a desktop App for sending Bulk SMS? This was the most challenging question but I answered with caution. I said no sir, but I have the skills to develop such Apps especially when I have a friend called Google.

As fast as it was, the man said stop, resume work tomorrow and if you do well I will pay you N40K monthly. I did not feel too excited so as not to give him the impression that I needed the money more. Though in my heart, life just started meeen. I knew fully well that I have not developed that kind of App before and with the knowledge I had then I will not be able to do it. But then like I always say the word ABILITY most times comes last, the most important thing is INTEREST and DETERMINATION. Once you are interested and you are determined, you will not know where the ability will fly in from. With my interest and determination and also most importantly with the help of Google search engine, as well as that of Mr. Raji Philips of Zeroes and Ones technologies, I was able to develop the App within a month and their (Dalcoms Technologies, where I did my IT) clients started using it from day one after launching.

This is how I enjoyed my three months in the firm with my pay very much intact. It was on the day that I was given a goodbye wish from the company that the receptionist came telling me that she was very sorry. I should forgive her that she intentionally did not want to forward my earlier application to the CEO that she felt that there was no more opportunity in the firm that the only one that could come out will be at the expense of one of the staff. She was sorry.

After listening to her I said “My God is alive (in Igbo, chim mu anya)”.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” -Benjamin Franklin

Here is my personal advice to job seekers:

  1. Create your opportunity: Don’t just sit around waiting for your “dream job” to open. Study the industry or field that you are looking to move into, and determine a company or two that you would like to work for, Hockett says. “Then figure out their challenges through relationships or public information. With this, you can share directly or publicly through a blog, for instance. The concept here is to get noticed through offering a solution to help them with no expectation of anything in return”.
  2. Apply! Apply!! Apply!!!: Go out there to the offline world. Submit your CV as well as application letter to many firms related to your interest. If you submitted about 30 copies for instance, there is no way 10 will not call you for interview unlike when you sit at home hoping for magic.
  3. Be Honest: When you get to the interview or workplace, be very honest on arrival. Tell the hiring manager what you want, if you have the opportunity, you will land the job but if you had the opportunity and you were being dubious in the eyes of the hiring manager, damn it, your case is closed.
  4. When you visit any firm, try as much as possible to meet with the MD. If your coming only ends at the receptionist desk, your case is closed.
  5. When you seek for job and no one secured yet, don’t depend on those jobs. Look out on the streets. Like I always say, it is better to be in the streets making money than to be online making just name; come to the street if the web is not favouring you. Money is in the street. Look for something to be doing in the street that every night you count your money and keep. Think it, grab it! Forget about what the world will say. Let them talk and let your bank account smile always.


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