NYSC ICT CDS Group, Surulere Trains The Students Of All Public Schools On ICT & Internet Culture

We are the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Community Development Service (CDS) group in Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State. The ICT CDS group is devoted to community based projects in the area of information technology aimed at impacting and developing the skill set of youths and organizations within the community. The need for inculcating the relevance and knowledge of ICT, now more than ever, is an essential subject that should and must be advocated for. We have therefore taken as a fundamental aspect of our program, the social responsibility of reaching out to community on the utilization of information technology as a tool for solving societal problems in the 21st century.


A key focus of this program is on students and youths whom are in the learning and career defining phase. To start off this grand task of transforming the society, we have visited 3 public schools and one community social gathering in the past month where we enlightened the students on the basics of ICT, the best usage of it in our daily living, the practical step-by-step knowledge of Microsoft Excel and most importantly, Internet Culture for both the students and youths of the community.

Speaking at the first event which marked our opening outing for this program/project at Clegg Girls’ Senior High School, Surulere, the President of the ICT CDS group, Frank Umeadi, emphasized ICT as an important building block for a successful career.

The job market for graduates who understand the technical and human sides of information management is steadily growing. Your skills as an ICT major make you an attractive candidate across the board. Therefore, preparing students now for these industry specific skills is vital. If Thomas Suarez at 12, could become a CEO, CarrotCorp, where he develop a popular iOS game, Bustin Jieber, and where he also believes in the fastest 3D printing, our students here in Nigeria can do better if given proper trainings and exposure. – The ICT CDS group President continued.

The Project Manager, Stanley Okoli, at our recent event in New Era Girls’ Senior High School where we launched our foremost project, Internet Culture, explained the term as a study of various social phenomena associated with the Internet and other forms of the network communication, such as online communities, social gaming, social media and mobile apps.

The objective of assessing the effect of internet culture on administrative efficiency is to enhance the effective use of the various forms of online communication in contributing to the overall economic development of the country through effective administration. But the objective cannot be achieved in a situation where the would-be beneficiaries are not even aware of the existence of such platforms. Moreover, the few who are aware of these platforms do not even bother to apply them at their place of work due to stringent work style, therefore, there is the need to proffer solutions to these problems to ensure the growth and development of our economy. – The ICT CDS group Project Manager continued.

We are passionate and deeply recognize (we hope you do too), that this is a vital project that should be extended to all schools and other social gatherings within the community.

However, and with all things worthy of pursuit, there have been key challenges that have mitigated our reach. Chief among them is the lack of a projector within the group, which has prevented us from visiting some districts and gatherings without one. Nonetheless, we constantly provide our individual Personal Computers (PC) to ensure nothing stops us from completing this journey which we started with love.

It is often said that it takes a community to educate a child; and more, we believe that when you educate a child, you raise a generation; Now is one of those times.

We are confident of a positive outcome in our subsequent project outings to the less privileged schools and other social gatherings in the society in order to help raise a generation.

Here, we present to you the pictures and videos from some of the beautiful moments of the training sessions.


Ode Temi, ICT CDS group Secretary, reports!

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