The Top 4 Required Skills to Getting a Graduate Job in IT and Technology

Technology keeps evolving at a rate most ordinary individuals are hard pressed to keep up with. In consequent of this fact IT job titles and expectations keep on changing at an even quicker rate. Still, there are some core IT skills, which all employers in this industry keenly search for whenever they interview prospective workers. As we speak, the IT and technology skill sets that are in great demand are primarily technical and specialized in view of the particular job you wish to land. On the other hand, there are also soft skills, which can be effectively applied across diverse industries. Well, here then are some of the top skills needed in getting a graduate job in IT and technology that you should be aware of.

IT and Technology

  1. Coding

Being able to write code seamlessly is indeed one of the most basic prerequisites to obtain a high profile IT job. In the case of programming, web design and web development, employers consistently seek for candidates that can code in different languages. This is due to the fact that quite a large number of technology systems been built on more than a single coding platform. However coding necessitates more than simple proficiency in a couple of different applications. It also requires excellent logical thinking, problem-solving abilities and integration of various different technologies. While also being highly conversant with numerous information systems. Even for IT jobs which are not centered on coding, you will still need a working knowledge of code writing and its processes. This allows you to be able to take part in successful projects and also deal with critical issues like quality assurance.

     2. User experience design

Been knowledgeable of the best user experience techniques can prove to be an invaluable skill for IT professionals, especially those in the field of web design and web development. As such, these given individuals should be able to work with technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and even the Adobe creative suite to create user-x rich programs. As an all-round IT professional, you have to fully comprehend just how users tend to interact with technology. This definitely means you must always be able to develop user-friendly interfaces across different platforms like the web and mobile devices. In those IT field that witness a transition to digital and online systems, user experience plays a very pertinent ole.

     3. Keeping abreast with emerging technologies

If you wish to be an appealing candidate for any IT job, you’ll have to always stay in the loop of the most essential developments in terms of technology. Out of the sheer necessity, you’ll have to endeavor to possess a practical knowledge on the technical skills needed to work with platforms like Java, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, SEO, ORM, SEM and so on. Still when such skill sets become commonplace, most employers then look for prospective workers who know much more than the others. As the technological landscape constantly evolves, it can greatly pay to always be well ahead of the curve.

     4. Touch typing

Unlike the previously reviewed technical skills necessary for getting IT graduate job, touch typing can be categorized as one of the soft skills all IT professionals ought to master. In essence, this skill cannot just be useful for professional typists, but to all manner of professionals from virtually all sectors. Generally speaking, touch typing has been specifically designed to help in significantly improving your overall typing accuracy and to improve average typing speed. This is effortlessly and conveniently brought about by making you learn on how to rely on using your motor reflexes as opposed to sight when you type. Touch typing is highly noted for been able to present a wide variety of advantages to those who effectively master its methods.

To begin with, by greatly improving your overall typing speed and accuracy, you’ll find it much easier to take up more work in a time efficient manner. In turn, this can significantly boost your productivity and efficiency in the tasks, which are laid out for you by your superiors. This in the long run will make you more attractive to both your current employers and prospective ones as well. The art of touch typing transcends well beyond simply improving typing speed and accuracy. It also dwells on imparting typing best practices that can enable you to avoid hurting yourself when you engage in typing for protracted periods of time. For instance, when you fully master touch typing, you’ll discover the best posture to integrate when typing. Not to mention the right keyboard finger placement to prevent injuries.

The above skills are very critical for getting a graduate job in IT and technology. Mastering these skill will definitely give you an edge over those candidates. It’s therefore important to train yourself on these skills early in order to develop them by the time you graduate from college.


My name is Daria Postoyalkina, I’m a development manager at Ratatype. This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed.

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