What we do best

FraNKAPP Systems creatively provide innovative, result-driven, and dynamic solutions


As a small business owner, you can't do it all, so you rely on specialists like bookkeepers, programmers, accountants, lawyers, graphic designers and more.

Yet when it comes to your online marketing and the software you use to run your business, you probably try to do it yourself or rely on advice that you've gotten along the way. The result is often a disconnected collection of services that are holding you back from reaching more potential customers and being more productive.


The good news is that help is available!

Here are some of the ways we can support your business.

  • Consulting: We provide technical expertise to advise on solutions. We structure projects for specific deliverable or result. We are problem-focused, i.e., we identify and try to correct problems or weaknesses. We gather data and reports on what needs to be done.
  • Coaching: We work on one-to-one basis; we coach more than one person in an organization, corporate bodies or individually. We enable our clients to solve problems or change things for the better. We bring relationship expertise to support our clients solutions.
  • Bulk SMS Solutions: We provide bulk SMS service at the cheapest rate which assist our esteemed clients reach their target audience with customized SMS in seconds.
  • Web Design / Development: We design and develop business-driven, user-focused, aesthetic, responsive and highly innovative web applications.
  • Software Development: We develop innovative software for any sized firm. Move from web based solutions to desktop applications.
  • Mobile App Development: We develop user-friendly mobile applications that brings out your amazing ideas to reality. …going mobile.
  • Networking: Do you own a Cyber cafe, school, hotel or any establishment? Are you still relying on USB drives for file transfers? Do you still connect the computers to the internet individually? Ooooh! Stop for it is never convenient. Get your establishement networked with the latest networking technologies. We offer this service at the cheapest rate.
  • Computer Training: We offer basic and professional computer and ICT courses to give your career and skills a quick boost. Training is offered at the preference and optimum satisfaction of our clients.


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