I am the most excited person on earth for this young millionaire and entrepreneur.
Everyday by day Chris Kwekowe is landing amazing success.
From launching to Winning Anzisha Prize to Meeting with Bill Gates and now you have become an Intel Ambassador. Congrats bro
We were together from day 1 at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. You were my course mate. You were my coding mate. You were my mentor and still remains. I could remember when we were writing codes that can calculate average of 5 parameters with the obsolete VB 6.0. I could remember when you taught me how to use the CSS Media Queries to create responsive pages. I could also remember when I taught you how to develop a scientific calculator. I could remember all those days. My brother, I am very happy for you.
I wish you you more success bro. I am been inspired, motivated and encouraged whenever I read the news of your new success. Please don’t stop, continue the success because it drives me better. It’s true that we were together before you broke the globe, but God does His own thing in His best ways.
I wanna tell you, bro, I have not been a disappointment at all since we graduated. I have been doing my best to keep improving my skills. I have been doing my best to also inspire and motivate others in the little way I can. Just like you said, “Same can happen for anyone”. I want to promise you that sooner and soonest, I will be there at the top with you and Bill Gates together.
As I am praying, I earnestly solicit your prayers and I pray that the good seed we all sow together never die. Amen! Meet you at the top!
Chris Kwekowe

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