Sony MDRXB60EX 13.5mm Driver Extra Bass Review

It is a product that comes Sony, we can be sure that its build quality is at the top side and also the sound quality would be amazing. You will not have to substitute this model of earbuds for any other best earbuds under 50. From the various product descriptions, you should easily see them as great when it comes to sound quality, comfort, and many other features. If you have been looking to buy the best earbuds for yourself, then you should get these ones and you do not have to worry about getting other anytime soon.

Sony Mdrxb60ex

Feel the bass

All over the world, the Sony products are always known for delivering the best bass you can imagine in the headphones or earbuds. It could also be other types of products they make, the assurance is that you will always end up with the extra bass other than the competitors can offer.

Getting that extra power on the headphones is thanks to the 13.5 mm neodymium drivers. These drivers with the Advanced Direct Vibe type of structure to ensure that they get to deliver smoother and richer sound you would enjoy when listening to your favorite jams. It is the same thing for the highs and lows, they are crisp so that you feel like listening to the music for longer. It is possible to have a long listening session thanks to the hybrid silicone earbuds on the model. They are designed to offer more comfort for the user to enjoy listening to music for longer.

Tangle free cable

Ask anyone who has owned earbuds before, the common problem such a person would face is to deal with the tangled cable each time you have to use the earbuds. You would have to waste a lot of time untangling the cables to make sure you end up with the straight cable to use for listening to your favorite jams. The good news is that this model comes with a tangle free cable. The idea is to give you an easy time using the earbuds whenever you want.

Some people might be curious to know how exactly the manufacturer is able to keep the cable from tangling. Well, the cable comes with some serrated edges important for keeping it from tangling easily. Even if it ends up tangling, separating the parts should also be easy.

Lightweight for music portability

If you think about it, the earbuds are often lightweight so that they can enhance music portability all the time. That is not any different whenever you get this model. It only weighs 8g, which should be light enough to ensure that you end up with the best model ever. The result is that you should be able to listen to music for several hours because of such lightweight portability. You would not have to worry about carrying it from one place to another. Whenever you feel like listening to music, you simply get it out of your bag and do so.

Perfect fit for everyone

Someone might be wondering how that is even possible. Well, the manufacturer sells these headphones with different types of ear buds. The idea is that you get to choose the one you want for a personal fit. You would get the ear buds coming in 4 different sizes. The aim is to make sure that each person selects the best earbuds that fit perfectly. You might have had other earbuds in the past that would not deliver the best fit, as they might be too large or too small. That changes today, whenever you get these earbuds today. You can now do vigorous activities with the earbuds such as running and working out and they would not fall out.

Noise isolation capability

Sometimes you would just want to listen to your favorite music without really ending up with ambient noise to deal with. To help you achieve this, there are the noise isolation earbuds you get with the model. They come in 3 sizes so that you can enjoy listening to your music without having to worry about the noise coming from the outside.


  • You get a deep and powerful bass with the earbuds
  • It has enhanced performance thanks to its construction
  • It is designed for ultimate comfort
  • It has additional noise isolating ear buds


  • It has flimsy plastic construction
  • Does not have the best mono sound


Whenever you get to encounter Sony products, the expectations would be high. You would always want a model that delivers the best sound quality and this one does that job perfectly. You will not feel as if it was a waste of your money when you get to buy these headphones. They perform quite impressively just as recommended by the manufacturer.

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    Haven’ tried these yet, but based on your review the sony mdrxb60ex seem to be a good pair of earbuds . I will probably buy a pair this month. Thanks
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