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Latest Free Browsing Tips

Yes is for real. Free browsing tools, tweaks, cheats, offers, you name them has been in existence for a long period of time and there are many online blogs, forums and communities claiming to provide you with the latest, yet when it comes to a reliable source for this knowledge we all seek for, there are very few out there. This is why FraNKAPPTech.com has come to bring to you a very reliable source to the latest free browsing tips, this we do by giving support to our fans finding it difficult to configure their devices.

If I were to wish for two things, they would be as much bandwidth as possible and ridiculously fast browser engines.  -Matt Mullenweg-
According to Matt Mullenweg, he is indirectly wishing for free browing and faster browser all day. Am sure, you have wished for that too. You have been searching and wants to be updated on the latest free browsing tips, then search no more because FraNKAPPTech.com will be bringing you all latest as long as you visit our website every 10 minutes, and these updates will be coming along with a good support from us.  You can also subscribe to our mailing list to get the updates right to your inbox.

 Business Solutions

As a small business owner, you can’t do it all, so you rely on specialists like bookkeepers, programmers, accountants, lawyers, graphic designers and more.

Yet when it comes to your online marketing and the software you use to run your business, you probably try to do it yourself or rely on advice that you’ve gotten along the way. The result is often a disconnected collection of services that are holding you back from reaching more potential customers and being more productive.


The good news is that help is available!

How do we help?


Here are some of the ways we can support your business.

  • Consulting: We provide technical expertise to advise on solutions. We structure projects for specific deliverable or result. We are problem-focused, i.e., we identify and try to correct problems or weaknesses. We gather data and reports on what needs to be done.
  • Coaching: We work on one-to-one basis; we coach more than one person in an organization, corporate bodies or individually. We enable our clients to solve problems or change things for the better. We bring relationship expertise to support our clients solutions.
  • Bulk SMS Solutions: We provide bulk SMS service at the cheapest rate which assist our esteemed clients reach their target audience with customized SMS in seconds.
  • Web Design / Development: We design and develop business-driven, user-focused, aesthetic, responsive and highly innovative web applications.
  • Software Development: We develop innovative software for any sized firm. Move from web based solutions to desktop applications.
  • Mobile App Development: We develop user-friendly mobile applications that brings out your amazing ideas to reality. …going mobile.
  • Networking: Do you own a Cyber cafe, school, hotel or any establishment? Are you still relying on USB drives for file transfers? Do you still connect the computers to the internet individually? Ooooh! Stop for it is never convenient. Get your establishement networked with the latest networking technologies. We offer this service at the cheapest rate.
  • Computer Training: We offer basic and professional computer and ICT courses to give your career and skills a quick boost. Training is offered at the preference and optimum satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our Official website is: http://www.frankappsystems.com



About Us

FraNKAPPTech, founded in 2015 by FraNK UMEADI (also the CEO/Founder, FraNKAPP Systems), is a dynamic, innovative and result-driven information and communication technology blog that uses a proven economic framework to analyze and offer insight into news stories about changes in technology.

FraNKAPPTech.com with its social networking features and community forums provides IT Professionals a unique online meeting place to keep up to date on tech news, share knowledge and experiences with peers, collaborate in solving IT issues, improve skills with training and educational resources, and most of all, exchange tools, tips and advice to help each other in their jobs. FraNKAPPTech offers career and workplace insight for newbies coming into the field, as well as tenured IT workers needing real-time answers to daily challenges. FraNKAPPTech helps IT Professionals boost their skills, network with colleagues, find that next new job and expand their Professional development by providing all the resources needed to succeed in the demanding world of IT.

The dynamic and interactive community of FraNKAPPTech readers often like, share and comment on the engaging and addictive quality of the content on the site, a feeling supported by the blog’s good number of visitors.

Technology no longer just supports the business, it’s at the very center of business innovation and strategy.

FraNKAPPTech comes in to play a role.

…excellence delivered!


We can help you promote your offline/online business, start-up, seminar, establishment etc to our targeted blog readers and you will get a good value for your money.

You can use Sponsored post, Banner Ads or Text Ads to advertise on our website.

Sponsored Post

We can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post. For FREE, we will promote the post on our Social networks as well as on our BBM channel.  Read more about sponsored posts here.

Banner Ads

We are currently using an ad manager to serve ads on our website so that advertisers can have access to the LIVE performance report of adverts placed on our website including number of views, clicks, CTR, conversions etc.

Banner/Text ads are seen by users of computers and mobile devices, including those that use Opera Mini browsers.

Flat Rate Pricing

220 x 120 ad banner   =  N6, 000 per month
300 x 200 ad banner = N15, 000 per month
728 x 90 ad banner   = N20, 000 per month

300 x 600 ad banner =  N25, 000  per month

==> You can pay for minimum of 2 weeks.
==> If you opt in for 728 x 90 or 300 x 600 ad banner, you will get 300 x 100 version of the banner displayed FREE both on desktop and mobile view of our website.

Below is 300 x 200 ad banner


We will create the ad section for you once we have confirmed your payment.

Text Ads

Contact us for more info about the text ads.

==> If you opt for the 728 x 90 or 300 x 600 ad size, we will also promote you via a blog post, on Facebook and on Twitter. You will also get a FREE ad slot.

How To Pay

Bank account details.

Bank: Diamond Bank, Plc
Account Name: Umeadi Frank Somtoo
Account Number: 0024440070
After bank Deposit, what next?
Kindly send us your payment details, thus;
Depositor’s Name,
Teller Number
Date of Payment,
Bank Branch,
Advert type/size,
Your company’s offline/online address,
Banner design, and
Text Links.
How do you send us this details?
Simply mail us a letter at franksomitex@gmail.com or info@frankapptech.com
Alternatively and more conveniently, you can forward us the details through WhatsApp at 08066017971

You can also pay via Paypal, QuickTeller, VoguePay etc.The links will be available shortly

For more inquiries, please email us:
franksomitex@gmail.com or info@frankapptech.com

NOTE: We can help you host the banner for FREE, Hence you will not have to worry about bandwidth on your own server.  Your ad runs on ALL Pages of our website, including the homepage.

Should you also be interested in a paid review for your product, service or business please do contact us too.

The advert rates will be increasing as time passes by…so get listed today!

+(234) 0806-601-7971

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FraNK UMEADI, FraNKAPP as he is fondly called, is the CEO, FraNKAPPWeb Technologies, an IT company aimed at delivering excellent services such as Bulk SMS, Web Application Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, and IT Training etc. He is a Professional Blogger (Founder / Owner of FraNKAPPTech.com), System Analyst and Programmer that writes in PHP, Java, and C#. Phone: +2348066017971 , or +2349023819269. E-mail: franksomitex@gmail.com , frank.umeadi@frankappweb.com

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